Completely replacement, avoiding errors in diary records according to traditional manual methods. CheckinPro helps welcome guests to become professional and fast, make a good impression on guests from the very first step.Create a guest experience self check In – Out of the Office, quickly and professionally.

Support to record log In – Out the office of guests, staff … Detailed time reports help increase the efficiency of Administration. Make a own imprint for your business, by displaying your logo on the screen of the Kiosk.

Support for card printing and classifying customer rank through color on the card, helping the Welcome work become more professional.


OCR identification technology: automatically identifies and analyzes information from guests’ ID papers (ID card, driver’s license, passport …), stored on the system. Increase efficiency for managing and accurately retrieving guest information at any time. Categorize guests: support printing cards with many different colors, helping to be more professional in greeting. Help to make a good first impression on guests.

Uninvited guests control: feature helps to limit uninvited guests. When unauthorized access occurs – the system sends warnings to the administrator or receptionist. At the same time, integrated physical intrusion prevention at (gate or door), restricting access to specific areas.

Finance and Banking

Increase the confidentiality of customers’ information, data and habits, and help to improve customer care services. Send a notice to the front desk for the list of guests who will come in the day, helping to prepare more thoughtful for VIP guests.

Support to comment and evaluate the quality of each appointment as well as the quality of customer care of the counselor. Integrated feature of printing guest cards with many different colors, making it easy to distinguish the ranking and purpose of visiting.


Integrate proactive features to ensure the safety of students and facilities, avoiding unfortunate problems. Support scanning the QR code on the student card to help identify and record accurate information about the time of entry – exit, the number of periods …The system will automatically send attendance notification to Parents or Guardians in schools in case of student’s absent.

Screen and categorize guests before they are on campus, helping to ensure security and avoid unfortunate circumstances. Moreover, the app comes with a set of guest travel history and health questionnaires which are essential for the present time.


Support to record and store guest log in and out, replace and avoid common errors in manual methods. Easily access information in and out of guests’ apartments, increasing management efficiency. Zoning access for each incoming guest, restricts access to areas not registered in advance.

Integrate features to send instant notifications to apartment owners when guests come via: SMS, Zalo …

Hotel and Resort

Welcome session become more professional and attentive, with the feature of storing customer histories who have stayed or used the services of the enterprise, help to create a deep impression on customers.

CheckinPro supports setting up brand identity on Kiosks screen and related devices, increasing familiarity level and creating customer memory to focus on business services. Create a sense of high security for guests, easy to access information at a specific time. 


Application integrates attendance feature for Life Insurance Agent training classes. Control the length of training sessions, and help to sign attendance on the Kiosk screen.

Support to export reports on the duration of participation in training sessions of each Agent, assigning access rights to each training level for each Agent.

Notice to the Agent about the lack of time for classes.