First Impression

  • Invitations are sent automatically via email and text message
  • An invitation covers full information of an appointment
  • Quick Check-in by QR code scanning

Customizable Branding

  • Easy to change Kiosk interface
  • Interface is customizable by brands
  • Improve brand recognition through logos, fonts, characterized images


  • Automatically notice staff when Guests arrive
  • Send a “Welcome” to guests
  • Attach the website link or necessary notes along with the greeting

Mutiple Check-in

  • Get rid of paper-based notes, reduce waiting time
  • Avoid mistakes and information loss
  • One-time registering with personal phone number
  • Automatically update old guest information

Data Security

  • Information is synchronized and stored on cloud
  • Guests can update information on the system by themselves
  • Ensure the Guests’ privacy

Feedback Appointment

  • Send feedback, evaluate the quality of the appointment when Check-out
  • Improve customer services of Enterprise

Guest Management

Create professional invitations
  • This system will create automatic invitations via email and text message for guests quickly
  • The invitation contents can be customized suitably upon each type of guest.
  • Information about appointments is fully and clearly stated
Active welcome
  • CheckinPro automatically notices whenever guests have checked in, sends a “Welcome” to guests.
  • Actively arrange appointments and welcome guests through integrated applications such as zalo, viber, etc.
Appointment quality recorded. CheckinPro allows to send feedback, evaluate the quality of appointments after the check-out procedure. Then, this will help Organizations-Enterprises to improve their customer services.

Event Management

CheckinPro provides a support in reporting detailed information of guests before – during and after an event.

Guests are completely proactive in completing online check-in procedures before participating in an Event

Objective analysis about guest data in an event by: Number of expected guests, actual number of participating guests, etc.

Touchless Check-in

Allow guests to Check IN/OUT quickly without touching any common device.

Strengthen security, ensure safety and help guests have an interesting experience.

Employee Attendance

Diversity in attention checking through: QR code scanning, wifi, face recognition

Manage working time effectively

Store employee information optimally

CheckinPro’s attention check report helps to save the attention checking time for employees compared to the conventional checking method

Health Declaration

Health declaration is a new feature updated in the CheckinPro application to help to trace the COVID-19 related risks

Accordingly, guests can make health declaration according to the form issued by the Ministry of Health or according to a separate form that is suitable for each Organization – Enterprise.