Digital Transformation of Visitor Management process

With the mission to bring the features beyond the expectations of customers, CheckinPro is an application helps to manage visitors data in an intelligent and comprehensive way. 

CheckinPro completely replaces the traditional method of Visitor Management process, minimizes mistakes that manual method can bring. 

Not simply a “digital diary” that records the In – Out process, CheckinPro also informs the relevant users of appointment via extensions such as sending email reminder, mobile texting with photo realistic. Moreover, CheckinPro also records appointment evaluations.

Via prompt manipulation on technology devices and integrated intelligent features available through the UNIT’s API, CheckinPro will make visitors welcoming process become professional and impressive. In addition, CheckinPro will help to improve the customers experience and satisfaction whenever visiting your company.

Development team of CheckinPro project are software engineers with high expertise combined with creativity and breakthrough in thinking. Therefore, we are confident to say that CheckinPro is the rigth choice for consistent trend and comprehensively.

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